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Procserve’s eProcurement solutions allow organisations to securely and efficiently transfer information and transact through the cloud, enabling maximum business efficiency, and delivering real savings.

Procserve’s secure networks have carried more than £2 billion worth of transactions and is used by over 32,000 organisations to buy, sell and share information in the cloud.

  • PCN Buyer

    The Procserve Commerce Network (PCN) provides you with a catalogue and content management system and transaction management. Other features include electronic payments, request for quote, business intelligence and other eProcurement services, all built on a highly secure infrastructure.

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  • PCN Supplier

    The Procserve Commerce Network (PCN) for Suppliers makes it easy for you suppliers to do business with their customers. PCN is a cloud-based business-to-business e-commerce product that enables you to quickly integrate with your customers’ systems, providing them with the ability to access and buy from your electronic catalogues within an automated and secure environment.

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  • eSecure

    eSecure is a cloud-based middleware platform (often referred to as Integration Platform as a Service or iPaaS). This service lets organsiations exchange data securely and quickly.

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