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Procserve Commerce Network

Procserve’s eProcurement technology allows organisations to trade anything with anyone securely and efficiently through an online network run by Procserve. The technology can help organisations improve their procurement and cut costs.

Buyer Benefits

  • Process Efficiencies

    Automate your entire procurement process and remove the need for lengthy management approvals, manual reconciliations and payment cycles.

  • Supply Chain Visibility

    Manage your supplier relationships in one place -- the cloud. Know what you are spending, with whom and how your suppliers are performing. This information will enable you to make more informed decisions on spending, agree more favourable contract terms with suppliers and reduce your spend.

  • Control and Compliance

    PCN is easy to use because it integrates with your existing IT. Users can assess PCN with a click from their ERP system or directly through the cloud. The PCN keeps a record is kept of all stages in procurement; from requisitioning to accounts payable.

Procserve Commerce Network Buyer Editions

Customer Successes

  • Mike Melville

    xchangewales Programme Manager, Welsh Government

    With 28 Welsh organisations and 640 schools live on the eMarketplace in Wales, representing a total spend of £3bn, Local authorities, Education, NHS, Social Housing and Police have all benefited from over £85m in savings from the programme to date.

  • Simon Lydiard

    Head of Corporate Procurement, Department for Transport

    Our prime objective in appointing Procserve is to increase the use of eProcurement across the Department for Transport family and help save money. We also want to encourage suppliers to use electronic invoicing which will ensure that we can meet our prompt payment commitments, particularly to SMEs.

  • Stephen Cooney

    Director, BDO LLP

    BDO’s report (on the Procserve Commerce Network) and benefits calculator illustrate that significant savings can be made in public and private sector organisations, specifically where there is a large amount of high volume / low value spend served by highly manual procurement and financial processes.

  • Richard Brooks

    General Manager, K International

    The Procserve Commerce Network has helped us to lower transaction costs, improve our service and provide our development teams more time to work on improving customer service.

  • David Thorpe

    Director of DWP’s Shared Services Centre, Department for Work and Pensions

    The Procserve Commerce Network makes using collaborative contracts even more seamless to our thousands of users. Effectively the PCN fully replicates their personal internet shopping experiences but with all of the protections you would expect to find in an organisation spending billions of pounds of public money a year on goods and services. Not only is it easy for our users but it means that we can get even better control on our goods and services spend in our drive to deliver ever greater value for the taxpayer’s pound. Collaboration is at the heart of what we do. This development will help DWP and others to meet the Operational Efficiency Review objectives for collaborative procurement.

  • Gordon Cranford

    Head of Procurement and Commercial Services, Crown Prosecution Service

    The Procserve Commerce Network is helping us automate the entire procurement process. By doing so, it will improve spend visibility, and allow us to reduce transaction costs and maverick spend within business units.

  • Verity Quinton

    National Account Manager, Office Angels

    The level of friendliness on the Procserve helpdesk is too rare of Helpdesk support these days.

  • David Smith

    Former Commercial Director, Department for Work and Pensions

    The Procserve Commerce Network is saving time of our staff members and it’s saving us money. It is making our procurement processes slicker and more efficient and it means that we can get real services for our front-line staff to help customers faster and more efficiently. There is no better way of doing things in Government

  • Tracey Healey

    Director of Procurement & Business Management, Grŵp Gwalia

    The process has been fantastic. 35% of all our transactions are now going through the Procserve Commerce Network with 75% of these receiving an electronic invoice in return. This is quite simply an amazing achievement and we are well on the road to successful end-to-end eProcurement.

  • Tracey Healey

    Director of Procurement & Business Planning, Grŵp Gwalia

    Even taking a couple of steps out of the P2P process can yield significant savings in terms of time and cost. And of course, we all must now be thinking more of the impact on the environment when we print off reams of heavy documentation – previously if Gwalia stacked all their paper output on top of each other, the pile would be as high as the Eiffel Tower, translating to 324 metres high!


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