Public Sector Procurement

The UK public sector has been challenged to increase savings through automating operational processes. One area firmly in the spotlight is procurement practice. Attention to the subject is growing momentum domestically and in Europe, examples including The Cabinet Office Efficiency and Reform Group’s Government Procurement initiative and the EU’s commitment to eProcurement transformation including eInvoicing across Europe by 2016.

Central to the success of such programmes is the Government eMarketplace, powered by Procserve. The Government eMarketplace is designed to provide access to centrally negotiated best value deals, access to a community of suppliers and transactional efficiencies related to eProcurement directly to the desktops of every public sector buyer in the UK.

Government eMarketplace includes a full eCommerce capability so that buyers can trade with suppliers securely across the internet getting real time spend data in the process.

Basket of goods comparisonPurchases made via PCN in 2014 - basket of goodsSourced from purchases made via PCN in 2014 (Bic ballpoint, First aid kit, wireless mouse, bleach, copier card, pukka notepad etc)

Providing more choice

Government eMarketplace offers users a convenient service that will give them access to a catalogue of goods and services. Currently eMarketplace offers the following categories:

  • IT hardware and software
  • Office solutions
  • Photocopiers, printers and scanners
  • Fleet
  • Professional services
  • Facilities management
  • Catering
  • Furniture

This list is constantly growing.

On top of the catalogues there is the option to raise electronic requests for quotation (eRFQs) designed for buyers to get quotes from pre-registered suppliers. Not only is the use of eRFQs enabling buying organisations to increase transactional efficiencies but they are also enabling SME suppliers to trade with public sector organisations who previously may have seemed out of reach.

Offered as part of this unique eMarketplace is the Contracts Directory. Organisations can upload contracts or frameworks and share contracts across different business units. Buyers can use contracts directory to publish and purchase from catalogues or not, depending on their procurement policies. Buyers can use the software to ask suppliers to bid for a contract – an type of “electronic request for tender”.

Who can use it?

Any public sector organisation can use Government eMarketplace – it is all about getting better value for the public purse – a massive driver for every public sector organisation, large or small, whether its health (NHS), local government or education.

Over 17,000 buyers and 32,000 suppliers transact on the eMarketplace. Client organisations range from the entire English and Welsh police service, central government departments such as the Department for Work and Pensions and Crown Prosecution Service to local councils, including Borough of Poole.

Sign up today

Wider public sector organisations should simply contact Crown Commercial Service (CCS) at or by telephone on 0345 410 2222. CCS will give you everything you need to start using the service. You just need to sign a standard user agreement, providing contact details and you will be set up onto the system in a matter of days.

If you are a supplier organisation, please visit here to register.

Government eMarketplace is not just another website. By signing up you are joining a wide group of UK public sector organisations who are driving greater value from procurement – raising efficiency and driving down costs.

For more information, please visit the CCS website.


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