Procserve is a leader in enabling secure transactions online and powers one of the most trusted and secure commerce networks in the World. Established in 2006 to underpin the UK Government’s ecommerce strategy, today the company’s networks are used by more than 25,000 public and private sector organisations to buy, sell and share information within virtual communities. We are the only accredited platform trusted by the Police, NHS and HMG to deliver their transactions securely within the cloud.

Procserve’s platform has put the UK at the forefront of public sector ecommerce. We are a chosen partner to HMG to deliver the key policy agenda of collaborative procurement, efficiency savings and opening the UK public sector market to the thousands of SMEs on our network. More than three quarters of central government departments and organisations that manage 80% of public sector spend in Wales are using the network. The secure nature of our technology and proven ability to assist the redistribution of back office resources to frontline services is benefitting all police forces in England and Wales, and hundreds of organisations from local government, NHS and Education.